Our Story


Our decision to go organic from the start was pure instinct. To us, it felt like the only option.  The more we learned about the ingredients we were using, how textiles were produced and the real people working in the textile industry the more confident in our decision we became.

While organic ingredients are more expensive and often harder to find, the difference is a really BIG DEAL!

Earthology is a women owned business.  As makers of a green lifestyle, sustainable product we have a responsibility to the wildlife we are working to preserve, the environment we impact and the people who make the ingredients we use.

Whats Goes Into an Earthology Wrap.

Earthology food wraps are made using only 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Our beeswax is as local and as unprocessed as you can could possible get!  Our beekeeper - a small, independent farm who only has hives on organic lands, brings the caps directly to us (or sometimes we go to him!) and is filtered in house. It as as pure as can be, which is why our wraps smell so delicious! It is vitally important that we only deal with ethical and sustainable beekeepers, who allow their bees to winter and do not keep them artificially awake outside of their natural cycle, and only harvest the excess to allow the bees to flourish.  We need these little guys, after all! 

Being organic and supporting the planet have always been the key ingredient in Earthology Food wraps!