Our Story

Our decision to go organic from the start was pure instinct. To us, it felt like the only option.  The more we learned about the ingredients we were using, how textiles were produced and the real people working in the textile industry the more confident in our decision we became.

While organic ingredients are more expensive and often harder to find, the difference is a really BIG DEAL!

As makers of a green lifestyle, sustainable product we have a responsibility to the wildlife we are working to preserve, the environment we impact and the people who make the ingredients we use.

Still want to know more?

Did you know when you buy a 100% cotton product, on average you are actually buying a 73% cotton product and a 27% chemical/resin/binder product used in farming and manufacturing. Or that it takes roughly 1/3 pound of pesticides and fertilizers to make just one cotton t-shirt, and is the 3rd most heavily treated crop in the US behind corn and soy? How about that it uses approximately 25% of the world's insecticides and 10% of pesticides?

Most people know the health benefits to ourselves and the ones we love by choosing organic, but sometimes overlook the impact to the planet we are trying to preserve. We could not call ourselves a green company if we chose to make our product with one of the world's most destructive crops.

Being organic and supporting the planet have always been the key ingredient in Earthology Food wraps!

 Organic handmade beeswax food wraps made in Ontario, Hamilton and Toronto Canada,  with organic cotton and ethically sourced