Vegan Food Wraps by Earthology with zucchini
Vegan Food Wraps,  an eco friendly alternative to plastic wrap. Made with plant based waxes
vegan food wraps, handmade in Canada with GOTS certified organic cotton and ethically sourced ingredients
Vegan Food Wraps,  an ecofriendly alternative to plastic wrap. Made with plant based waxes

Vegan Wrap 3 Pack - Makers Choice

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Earthology VEGAN food wraps are beautifully made with 100% plant-based ingredients, the first of it's kind in Canada!  

Sustainably handmade, in Ontario with beautiful GOTS certified, fair trade organic cotton, and our signature combination of plant based vegan waxes. 

Designed to keep foods fresh up to 5 times longer,  allowing just the right amount of moisture in while mimicking nature's peel! Earthology Wraps will change the way you store food forever.  

Use our wraps to keep food fresher longer! Cover bowls and dishes, wrap half fruits and vegetables and create snack bags for on the go! 

Vegan Food Wrap set.

1 small wrap, 1 medium wrap, and one large.